We Build Good Companies.

Interlink is a good company builder. We are social entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and doers shaping the future. We develop, fund and implement solutions to social, environmental, and economic issues.

Let's interlink.

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Rethink what's possible.

We interlink talented entrepreneurs to build companies that make the world a little better. Some of our companies solve business problems. Some secure people's privacy. Others contribute to climate protection. Together, they improve the everyday lives of millions of people. And it all started here.


Entrepreneur­ship for good.

We believe startups are a powerful force in creating fulfilling lives and making the world a better place. We are challenging the idea that business and impact should be on opposite sides of a spectrum, we are building an alliance of brave people and companies who believe that this is the exact right time to do good through entrepreneurship.
Interlink Vision

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Be you. Make a difference.

We work with outstanding founders and people who are experts in their field and passionate about making a contribution to our mission: to build good companies. Join us and solve problems of the future. Get in touch—we can’t wait to meet you.
Interlink Team


Bot Protection

Protecting the Internet.

We protect over 25,000,000 websites from spam & bots. The European Union, Zalando and the Red Cross rely on our global IT security system.
Interlink Antibot

Coworking Spaces

Home for entrepreneurs.

We offer inspiring coworking spaces to meet, work and collaborate. Right now we are constructing a new building in Western Munich.
Interlink Coworking

Hydropower Plants

Power for the world.

We have brought green energy to over 60 countries across the globe with our startup for decentralized hydropower plants.
Interlink Hydropower

Resource Reuse Platform

Reuse building material.

As a co-shareholder of Material24, we ensure that excess construction material is not thrown away, but used again.
Interlink Resource Reuse

Fitness & Dance Academy

Dancing. Together.

Our Academy of Fitness & Dance unites people of diverse backgrounds and abilities to dance together. On-site and online.
Interlink Fitness Dance

Bee Hives

Buzzing bees. Happy nature.

Preserving a livable planet matters to all of us. That is why we have started several beehives on our property to provide a home for busy bees.
Interlink Buzzing Bees


Made for you.

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