Our Companies

We build companies that make the world a little better. Together, they improve the everyday lives of millions of people. And it all started here.

Coworking Spaces

Space for you.

Interlink Space offers inspiring coworking spaces in the Munich area to meet and collaborate for a wide variety of people.

Digital Branding

Create a lasting brand.

Interlink Marketing enables you to define and design your brand to attract potential customers and employees in the digital age.
Interlink Brand Development

Business Digitization

Go digital with your business.

Interlink Innovation helps you to digitize your business processes and to find the right software for your needs.
Interlink Business Digitization

Anti-Bot Protection

Protect your websites.

Friendly Captcha employs a fundamentally new approach to securely defend your websites from spam and bots. It is easy to use and respects your user’s privacy.

Agile Skills Training

Learn while cooking.

Digi Kitchen organizes interactive cooking events where your teams learn agile working in a playful way while cooking.
Interlink Agile Skills Training

Resource Reuse Platform

Reuse building material.

Material24 is an online trading platform for surplus building materials. Buy and sell unused materials and thus save resources and protect the environment.
Interlink Material Reuse Platform