Interlink is a good company builder.


We interlink and empower people to create good together.

Interlink Team


We build companies that have a positive impact on the world.

Interlink Vision

What we do.


Find creative ways to solve real issues.

We identify real-world problems worth to be solved, develop viable solutions, validate them, and begin to build our team and product.


Build good products with passion.

We develop the product, create a recognizable brand, get feedback from the market, and offer the product to the people who need it.


Make the world a little better.

With a working product in place, full steam ahead! We ensure that the product has everything it needs to grow sustainably.



Celebrate differences.

When diverse cultures, people, and opinions come together, an inspiring and creative environment is created that challenges and promotes new ideas.


Unite to be stronger.

Through open, tolerant, and respectful communication with our fellow human beings we can learn from our differences and discover common ground. We don’t live parallel lives, but instead together.


Express yourself freely.

Everyone deserves freedom. Only those who know their options and are free from external constraints can make meaningful, independent decisions that are good for them. Freedom means having space for things that give you joy.
Interlink Value Freedom


Live your strengths.

Everyone has their own special interests and skills. Not only people themselves, but also the framework conditions decide whether they can discover them and use them sensibly.
Interlink Value Strength Promotion


Take responsibility.

Entrepreneurship is not a profession, but an attitude that everyone can live. Entrepreneurial people actively take responsibility and contribute to positive changes in our society.
Interlink Value Entrepreneurship

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Make your work matter.

You want to bring our values to life? Join the Interlink team and make a contribution to our mission: to build good companies.