Digi Kitchen

Agile Skills Training

Learn while cooking.

Digi Kitchen organizes interactive cooking events where your teams learn agile working in a playful way while cooking.


Project teams do not use their full potential.

In a fast-changing environment, teams can often do no more than react to changing requirements. They need an agile mindset and the tools to move from reacting to acting and to work together in a flexible way.

Many projects do not meet customer needs.

"The customer doesn't want a washing machine, he wants clean laundry." In theory, it seems clear what customer centricity means, but in practice, projects often fail due to insufficient customer communication and understanding.


Experience Scrum first-hand. Grow as a team.

In our Digi Kitchen workshop, your teams experience agility through a joint cooking event. We transfer processes and procedures from agile project management frameworks such as Scrum to the kitchen: In teams with defined roles and tasks, you cook a two-course menu and take into account the wishes of your "customer".

Learn Scrum playfully.

Cooking is a great way to learn the basics of Scrum. Thanks to challenging timelines, flexible time management and realistic activity planning within the team are crucial.

Strengthen your team spirit.

There is no room for hierarchies in Digi Kitchen. Instead, a menu is cooked together with lots of fun and action. Eating together strengthens the team spirit.

Get to understand your customer.

The recipes must be adapted to the taste and nutritional style of the team being cooked. The participants have to find out what the cooked team actually likes.

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