Resource Reuse Platform

Reuse building material.

Material24 is an online trading platform for surplus building materials. Buy and sell unused materials and thus save resources and protect the environment.


Unused construction materials are thrown away.

The warehouses of crafts businesses are overflowing because of surplus building materials and an ever-growing variety of products. For lack of space, as-new construction supplies often have to be thrown away at a cost, while other crafts businesses could put them to good use.

Craft companies need building materials quickly.

When craft businesses order building materials, they often have to contend with long delivery times. In addition, they need construction items in precise quantities, but in many cases they are only available in large bundles. This poses procurement problems for them in their everyday work.


Don't throw away building materials. Share them.

Material24 is the first B2B trading platform for unused building materials. The online platform enables craft businesses to digitally record their inventories, sell surplus building materials and purchase needed building materials in the right quantity at a good price.

Protect the environment.

We enable craft businesses to build in a resource-friendly way, thus preserving our planet for future generations.

Support each other.

We connect craftspeople through our online community and help them support each other.

Use resources efficiently.

We make it possible to procure specific quantities of materials in order to reduce surplus.

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