Benedict Padberg

Managing Director
Benedict Padberg is a digital strategist, entrepreneur, and investor. As Managing Director of the good company builder Interlink, he empowers talented people to build companies that make the world a little better.

He believes that startups are a powerful force to solve social, environmental, and economic issues. He is challenging the idea that business and impact should be on opposite sides of a spectrum and is building an alliance of brave people and companies who believe that this is the exact right time to do good through entrepreneurship.

At the age of 14 he developed a social network with a focus on data protection and data control. It was during this project that he first drew the attention of contacts from the business world, who incorporated him into their digital projects.
Out of enthusiasm for these projects, he made his passion into a profession and founded Interlink's predecessor, a digital agency in Woerthsee near Munich, in 2012. In the course of his work, he supported and co-founded a number of startups in the fields of renewable energy, online platforms, data protection, social inclusion and coworking. To help shape social and economic change holistically, he merged these companies into one group in 2020 and transformed the whole group into a company builder.

In addition to his management duties, Benedict Padberg is active in committees and initiatives such as the Young Leaders and the Bavarian Value Alliance, as well as in environmental projects. For their achievements, his projects have been awarded prizes such as the Next Economy Award, the German Design Award, and the Energy Award.